Performance & Benefits

The ACT Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner operates with the lowest emissions and highest performance of available burners. The burner has the following performance characteristics and offers a number of benefits over other available burners.

Performances & Benefits

  • The burner can be operated at single digit ( ≤ 9 ppm; at d, 3% O2) NOx and CO emissions using FGR.
  • The burner is available for industrial furnaces, heaters, industrial and utility boilers in sizes from 1 MMBtu/hr(300KWT) to greater than 250 MMBtu/hr(75MWT).
  • Compact stable blue flame.
  • High turndown capability.
  • The burner has rapid load swing capabilities. From 10 to 1 for NG flame load swing requires less than 60 seconds.
  • The burner can be operated at very low excess oxygen, high efficiency operation.
  • The burner even operated in air-preheat or high temperature air environment, can still remains the single digit NOx and CO emissions.
  • The burner is very cost effective
  • The burner can be easily installed on new or retrofitted to existing furnaces, water tube, fire tube boilers, heaters, and utility power plants.
  • The burner has no moving parts and requires very low maintenance.
  • The installation uses a single, low temperature fan.
  • The burner is simplistic design, construction, installation and operation.
  • The reduction of emissions below those required would generate emission credits, which can be used to expand capacity or to be sold.
  • The burner is manufactured with the highest standards component. Performance and standards of manufacturing are guaranteed.

* The final guarantee will be based on the final order and proposal.