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Worldwide concern about the environment is presenting new challenges for power and energy industries. The emphasis on combating these challenges will escalate in this decade.

There are five global environmental problems: (a) climate change, (b) acidification, (c) eutrophication (atmospheric deposition), (d) urban air quality, and (e) tropospheric ozone. NOx is one of the important pollutants in the above environmental problems; it is one of the main factors in the formation of tropospheric ozone and acidification, and responsible for 70 percent of the global chemical destruction of stratospheric ozone. The provisional emission reduction target for NOx, as given in the EU acidification strategy, is six million tonnes by 2010, which is a reduction of 55 percent on 1990 levels.

Fossil fuel combustion is one of the main sources of the global production of NOx. Low NOx combustion and burner technologies present new challenges for power and energy industries and for research in this decade. We need to know how to burn today's fuels "better with greater efficiency and less pollution".

The ACT Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner, which is presented by Advanced Combustion Technology Co. Ltd, represents state-of-theart equipment for such needs.


2-D LDV Flow Velocity Measurement

Gideon Burner Flow Visualization

The key to successful burner design lies in controlling the nearfield burner aerodynamics of the combustion air to produce a match between the flame reaction rates and the imposed velocities. The ACT Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner is the state-of-the-art equipment to meet requirements and to comply with emission standards for operators of all boilers. The burner is a precisionmade ultra low NOx burner, which is designed to meet all current and future NOx emission requirements. The design and operation of the burner is protected by 18 worldwide patents. Field tests of the ACT Gideon Ultra Low NOx Natural Gas Burner have demonstrated that the burner can achieve: NOx ≤ 6 ppm (d, 3% O2); CO ≤ 10 ppm (d, 3% O2); excess oxygen ≤ 1 % without the use of catalyst, reburning, ammonia or urea injection.


The burner can be installed on any new or retrofitted to any existing boiler, which uses a forced draft fan. The versatility of the burner is achieved by its simple design and custom manufacture of the connection to the boiler. The burner has been installed on fire tube boilers, and water tube boilers without restricting access to the boiler. The custom fit of the burner to the boiler will maintain the original boiler design, allow access to the boiler and minimize the installation cost of the burner. The burner achieves its state-of-the-art performance by a patented swirler design, which produces short, strongly stable flames when using flue gas re-circulation, FGR. FGR is provided to the burner through the air fan. The air, FGR, and fuel are linked proportionally to maintain proper combustion and the desired levels of O2, NOx, and CO. The burner has been demonstrated to operate over high turn downfor natural gas and oil. The ACT Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner is designed for the convenience of the operators of industrial and utility boilers. There are no moving parts in this burner. This simple design reduced maintenance to aminimum.

The ACT Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner provides the end user with the operating characteristics other manufacturers still struggle to attain.


The ACT Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner operates with the lowest emissions and highest performance of available burners. The burner has the following performance characteristics and offers a number of benefits over other available burners:
  • Very cost-effective.
  • Can be operated at single digit (say ≤ 9 ppm; at d, 3% O2) NOx and CO emissions using FGR.
  • High turndown ratio for NG and oil.
  • Rapid load swing capabilities. From 10 to 1 for NG flame load swing requires less than 60 seconds.
  • Can be operated at very low excess oxygen (say % O2), high efficiency operation.
  • Even operates in air-preheat or high temperature air environment (i.e. 59000, still remains the single digit NOx and CO emissions. Exceeds all current and will meet all likely future air pollution regulations.
  • The reduction of emissions below those required would generate emission credits, which can be used to expand capacity or to be sold.
  • The burner can be easily installed on new boilers or retrofitted to existing furnaces, water tube, fire tube boilers, heaters and utility power plants.
  • No moving parts and requires very low maintenance.
  • The installation uses a single, low temperature fan.
  • Simple design, construction, installation and operation.

* The final guarantee will be based on the final order and proposal.


The ACT Gideon Ultra Low NOx Burner is available for industrial furnaces, heaters, industrial and utility boilers in sizes from 1 MMBtu/hr to greater than 250MMBtu/hr. The burner is manufactured with the highest standards and components.
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